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The Legendary Founding Father of TAEKWON-DO

General Choi, Hong Hi

(1918 - 2002)

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     Taekwon-Do General Choi, Hong Hi, founder of one of the founders of the South Korean military, but also contemporary calligrapher, but also a patriotic democrats anti-authoritarian government.  Although his body is not high, but he has a strong will, noble beliefs, their own contribution to the popularity of Taekwon-Do everything.   Now, General Choi leads the world has more than 120 member countries and regions International Taekwon-Do Federation (I.T.F.).

     Budokan martial founding a person must have its corresponding charm.  General Choi, Hong Hi long-term unremitting efforts and firm conviction, originally unknown Taekwondo developed into line with modern tastes fitness self-defense martial arts.  He studied classical Korean martial arts and karate has created a completely different martial arts.  Taekwondo is completely original crystallization technology system and the perfect combination of Eastern thought.  Not only is it easy to learn and is beyond the DPRK, and has developed into a martial arts worldwide.  It's enough fighting skills with any other technology is not a little similar.  Is completely original.  Choi, Hong Hi on November 9, 1918 was born in a remote place in North Korea Chatham Road mirror.  Because small frail, often make parents worried about him.  However, in his young age already has a strong character and patriotism outstanding.  In his 12 years old, his elementary school reading to resist the Japanese government on the grounds that he suffered no punishment of suspension.  This can also be said to be a famous Korean Gwangju students aftermath of the event against Japanese rule.


     Since then, his father took him to the famous calligrapher Mr. Han, Yi North East there to learn calligraphy.  Mr. Han is not only a famous calligrapher and on the Korean classical martial arts is also quite accomplished.  Mr. Han see new apprentice weak constitution, teaching his calligraphy also teach the Korean classical martial arts.  The purpose is to promote his health.


     1937 in order to receive modern education, young Choi, Hong Hi to Japan.  During his study in Kyoto, Japan, to fellow seniors Kim learned karate.  Since then, he has mastered a period of less than two years, it shows his enthusiasm and morale.  He then finished a year and a half after the Tokyo preparatory school into the Japanese Central University.  He more seriously practicing karate, and soon made a Sec, beginning at universities and Y.M.C.A. to many colleagues and alumni taught karate.


     Young Choi, Hong Hi in World War II were forced to call for the Japanese military, troops assigned to the 42th Pyongyang.  In order to expand the blood filled his national struggle, fight with two judo led uprising paragraph 4 and 5 above were in the barracks contest.  The results will be he only hit two each judo master completely defeated.  Thus he won the famous Pyongyang trainee soldiers to launch the initiative in the uprising, and the response of the students get a lot of soldiers, they secretly prepared the uprising riots.


     Unexpectedly, in the few days before going to the uprising of their activities were found to change the rule of the Japanese student uprising unfortunate soldiers died.  Choi, Hong Hi youth incarcerated in the Army Criminal Department, made prisoners pending eight months.  In the meantime, he is a mastermind events and karate expert, was thrown into jail for nearly a month alone, much physical and mental torture. Although he is a felon, not only in guarded secret and do a karate demonstration in front of colleagues, often sneaking into the prison's guiding hand to see almost the whole sentence Department into a dojo.  After Japan's defeat in World War II, prisoners sentenced to seven years in prison for criminal subjected to bitter Choi, Hong Hi youth on August 16, 1945 to be free.  He then organized the students leave for Seoul Corps.


     January 15, 1946 as one of the founders created the Korean army, he was appointed second lieutenant.  This is the real beginning of his military life, the military also became his base for the development of taekwondo worldwide.  Since then, his classical Korean martial arts and karate as a reference, after repeated research and practice for today's Taekwon-Do foundation.


     April 1946 he was promoted to lieutenant.  During this period he not only taught Hanguo Bing, even living in the vicinity of the U.S. military began learning his new martial arts.


     In 1947 he was promoted to captain, major, and is also the intelligence and the Military Staff of the Army General Staff Headquarters.  Meanwhile, he told the American military police school in Seoul introduced his new martial arts.

In 1949 he was promoted to colonel after, went to the U.S. Army Military comprehensive school of higher learning classes.  Where he also told his colleagues introduced his new martial arts.


     After returning in 1950, he was responsible for intelligence work in front of the region and developed the first South Korean Army intelligence system of norms.


     1951 in Busan, the creation of a comprehensive school the Army, he served as Vice President and Minister of professor.  In the same year, was promoted to Major General.


     In 1953, General Choi, Hong Hi was in the army career, the most memorable year.  Because he creation of 29 divisions, and get the South Pacific, Mr. Hee help develop the popularity of Taekwon-Do in the backbone of the army personnel.


     General Choi founded in 1954, Professor Taekwon-Do My Dao Museum.  In the same year he was elected as South Korea was the largest and most traditional Dao honorary curator of the museum, and the direct command of the Dao Museum.


     Early in 1955 the creation of the Third Army, General Choi popularize Taekwon-Do create a favorable environment.


     April 11, 1955, the name of eminent personalities from different sectors of the development committee, made in the name of each person in the secret ballot, unanimously adopted General Choi's "Taekwon" word.  Thus, resulting in Taekwon-Do.  Variously termed Tang hand, empty-handed, boxing, martial arts, such as classical Korean martial arts are different unified Taekwon-Do.  Since then, he really started the popularity of Taekwon-Do career.  Through his tireless efforts Taekwon-Do popularity not only in the army, but also set up at various universities Taekwon-Do organizations.


     September 3, 1959 General Choi long-awaited establishment of the Korea Taekwon-Do Association, he became the president.  Since then, he really started the popularity of Taekwon-Do in Korean society career.  Although the name of the martial art Taekwon-Do uniform variety of constantly resisted Taekwon-Do before, but did not shake the popularity of Taekwon-Do General Choi enthusiasm.  Then again, he realized that to stay Taekwon-Do has excellent technical and noble spirit for future generations.  From then on, he began to further research and improve the basic technical and mental training in both areas.


     In 1961, General Park, Chung-hee and other Young Turks launched a military coup. Although General Choi, Hong Hi support and help their younger General Park, Chung-hee, but the concept of the rule of disagreement occurred.  This divergence with the military regime of General Park, Chung-hee continues to consolidate, and gradually evolved into a confrontation between the two men.  Cui outspoken generals under pressure to maintain the independence and military Taekwon-Do purity and justice.


     General Choi was sent to Malaysia in 1962, the first generation of any ambassador to South Korea.


     General Choi returned after the end of 1964, in order to save Taekwon-Do with various resistance forces exist only in a resolute struggle.


     1965 General Choi became the president of the Korea Taekwon-Do Association. Subsequently promoted to two-stars general Choi, Hong Hi Taekwon-Do Korean delegation led by the government, visited Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia and Singapore from Asia.  Their wonderful enbu Taekwon-Do Association was established for countries to lay the foundation.


     March 22, 1966, from Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, the United States, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, nine associations in Seoul formally established the International Taekwon-Do Federation (I.T.F.).  General Choi was elected president.  To popularize Taekwon-Do General Choi cherish a minute of time, bustle in the world put all their energy and effort put the popularity of Taekwon-Do career.


     1972 due to the persecution of President Park, Chung-hee, General Choi had to leave Korea in exile in Canada.  President Park, Chung-hee in order to resist the development of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (I.T.F.), the 1973 establishment of the World Taekwon-Do Federation (W.T.F.) and appointed as President Un Yong Kim.  On the one hand President Park, Chung-hee command intelligence agencies do not discount the means to combat and persecution General Choi, on the other hand to lure General Choi with a variety of jobs and splendor.  However, they did not fight and conquer lure General Choi will.  80-year-old Choi generals living in Toronto, Canada, is still always be concern about the development of the cause of Taekwon-Do, also a professor in person and from the world Taekwon-Do.

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