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     April 11, 1955, the name of eminent personalities from different sectors of the development committee, made in the name of each person in the secret ballot, unanimously adopted General Choi's "Taekwon" word.  Thus, resulting in Taekwon-Do.  Variously termed Tang hand, empty-handed, boxing, martial arts, such as classical Korean martial arts are different unified Taekwon-Do.  Due to political reasons, in the early 70s the Taekwon-Do organization is divided into two, respectively, in March 22, 1966, founding by the General Choi, Hong Hi first Taekwon-Do organizations International Taekwon-do Federation (I.T.F.), and the other in May 1973 in Seoul, the establishment of World Taekwondo Federation (W.T.F.), was elected President by Mr. Jin, Yunlong, developed independently.

     W.T.F. in the beginning of the 80's tend to sport routes, methods and practice in order to play offensive and defensive action as the goal scoring (Sporting Taekwondo or Scoring Taekwondo), and formally in 1986, added to the Asian Games, the Olympic Games in 2000 added to the project.  W.T.F. of the movement as a result of the characteristics of well-received by youth-oriented practitioners welcome.

     I.T.F. development has still stick fighting martial arts routes, including to allow the attack to the head boxing, kick way more destructive, effort in the knife attack and legs and waist feet together and so on, world-class players fighting tournament without wearing a helmet and armor to light glove and brace to fight for foot protection game.  As a result of taking a comprehensive line of martial arts fighting, it is more susceptible to the martial arts are welcome.  Popularity of regional development in Europe and the America, the world no less than practitioners W.T.F., not only due to sports category, it could not become a sub-Olympic projects.

     Begins at founding the original traditional Taekwon-Do is a martial art, is not a sport.

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