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Identification of Title (Chingho Pyosik)

     The Founder General Choi required that everyone must know who is "in charge" in any class so he designed these badges and said that if you are recognized as an "Official I.T.F." instructor or authorized Assistant then you must wear a badge for everyone to see your formal identification, they must be worn on each shoulder of your Dobok whenever you are teaching or assisting in the class.  SIZE - these badges are all 9 cm x 9 cm.

Shouder Batch - Assistant Instructor.png
Shouder Batch - Instructor 师范.png

Assistant Instructors (Boo-Sabum)

1st - 3rd Degree (Dan)

International Instructors (Sabum)

4th - 6th Degree (Dan)

Shouder Batch - Master.jpg
Shouder Batch - Grand Master.png

Masters (Sahyun)

7th - 8th Degree (Dan)

Grand Masters (Saseong)

9th Degree (Dan)

ITF Flag.jpg

International Taekwon-Do Federation (I.T.F.) Flag

   Official Identification Pins:   

Pin - Black Belt Holder.jpg
Pin - Color Belt Holder.jpg

Degree (Dan) Holder

Grade (Kup) Holder

   Official Recognition Plaque:     


  • It takes the shape of a turtle which symbolizes longevity.


  • The six colors represent the colors of the belts.

ITF Plate.jpg


(Excerpt from Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do, by Gen. Choi, p. 745)

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